Bawer Tool Boxes 

Bawer is ... Quality, Appearance and Price!

Widest Selection of Underbody Tool Boxes

BAWER offers a wide selection of stainless steel, aluminum & steel tool boxes for the transportation industry. This offering allows customers to choose the best option for various applications and needs. All BAWER products share the same common characteristics: best quality & best appearance at the best price. BAWER also offers mounting brackets, matting, replacement parts, and accessories to support their line of tool boxes.

All Bawer toolboxes and accessories are approved and certified by the Heavy Duty Quality Council.  HDQC is a non-profit organization of industry professionals established with the express purpose of testing and certifying heavy duty aftermarket truck parts for use throughout various industries to ensure quality, consistency and reliability. Our mission is to objectively inspect, test, verify and certify heavy duty truck parts from various manufacturers to ensure compliance to a high level of quality, satisfactory manufacturing processes and durability standards.

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